Vista Del Lago Cheer

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General Chants

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V-H-S, we're here to win tonight

Yell it, louder now, let's go eagles

Stand up, stand up, stand up for the kick-off

Fight blue let's hear it, Vista Eagles

Eagles are #1

We can do it, hey hey, eagles fire it up

Let's go eagles, yell it, let's go eagles

Come on big blue let's go

Here we go - let's go eagles

Eagles do it, eagles get it done

We're on the move, stay in the groove, let's go eagles

To the G, to the O, yell go, go

Eagles, yell it, V-H-S

Blue-white, go fight and rock the field tonight

Offense Chants

Touchdown, touchdown, we want an eagle touchdown

First and ten so push hard to win

Offense come alive, the eagle drive

Here we go eagles, touchdown

Take it to the goal, eagles, take it to the goal

1-2-3-4, hey hey let's score

Hey hey hey offense, move move that ball

Move it on down the field, move it on down the field

Hey hey offense take it all the way hey offense

We want six more

S-C-O-R-E score score

We want that first down so go

Score 6 again we want to win, eagles, score six

T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N, touchdown, touchdown. We want to win

Move, move that ball

Defense Chants

Pressure, pressure, defense hold that line

Tighten up that defense, and hold - that - line

Eagles, get on the D, E-F-E-N-S-E

Take it away defense, take it - away

D-D-Defense, hold 'em eagles hold 'em

D-EF-ENSE, defense

T-A-K-E, take it away big-D

Hey hey hey defense, hold hold that line

Block that kick, defense block that kick

Let's get that ball back, defense attack

Sack that quarterback defense make contact

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